Thursday, July 8, 2010

Revenge of the Cheerleaders by Janette Rallison

Revenge of the Cheerleaders
by Janette Rallison

Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Romance | Young Adult

Chelsea's school year has taken a turn for the worse. After being dumped by her boyfriend and humiliated at the pep assembly by her younger sister's boyfriend, Rick, she's just concentrating on avoiding any other major embarrassments. That's when Rick and his band debut their new album, complete with a whole set of songs bashing cheerleaders. Chelsea's humiliation has reached a whole new level now that everyone is walking down the halls singing the words to -Dangerously Blonde. It's time to make Rick pay. All he wants is to win the High School Idol audition, so he can be on his way to rock star fame and fortune. But with the help of her best friends, Aubrie and Samantha, Chelsea is going to steal his victory right out from under him. The characters from All's Fair in Love, War and High School are back, only this time it's payback.

Having the same characters as All's Fair in Love, War, and High School, Revenge of the Cheerleaders deals with Chelsea dealing with some senior year drama which consists of her rocky relationship with her younger sister (Adrian) and her sis's emo boyfriend (Rick). Rick's band's popularity is taking off with his catchy, but mocking songs about cheerleaders - including Chelsea in particular. So, what's the girls to do? Beat him at his own game and win the local musical idol competition at their high school.

Rallison's book are just pure fun. Cute & Cheery. Easy to read and full of humor. Very realistic, but enough silly actions to make it all blend smoothly. She also creates characters that you just hate at the beginning but near the end, flip feelings toward. Plus it was nice catching up with Samantha and Logan again from the previous book.

Likes: The hunting reference for looking for guys and Chelsea & Tanner's first couple of meet-ups.

Dislikes: "Bad boys have a certain attraction, but they grow
up to be bad men, and we all know where that leads." I felt the father's alcoholism wasn't fully addressed, but I guess that would take away from the cheeriness of the story.


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