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The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

The Wolf and the Dove
by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

Genre: Historical Romance

Likes a swift and bitter wind, Wulfgar, "the Iron Wolf of Normandy," sweeps down from the North at the head of an invincible army to claim the land and people of Darkenwald. But proud and beautiful Aislinn will never grovel before the fearsome invader.

A princess of Saxon blood, Aislinn burns with hatred for the mighty Norman knight who has destroyed her home. And she plots her revenge -- even as she submits to her enemy's passionate will. But she in unprepared for the fire her daring foe awakens within her. And, ultimately, it is the powerful Wolf himself who is vanquished, undone by a heart that aches for his courageous and sensuous captive -- and by a love that threatens their separative loyalties and their lives.

Aislinn has to deal with the harsh facts that she's lost her father, her home, her mother's sanity, her innocence, and her royal future when the Normans invade Darkenwald. The last thing she has left to give is her love and that is something she could never relinquish to any knight . . . that is until Wulfgar enters her world. Since the invasion, all she has known is brutally rough manners and disgustingly forced affection, but this new Lord of the castle doesn't offensively touch her at night and appears almost fair in his treatment of Darkenwald's people. Can old wounds be healed by true passion and can both Aislinn and Wulgar overlook their strong prejudices against each others heritage in hopes of becoming united?

Truly Amazing! I've always heard rave reviews in regards to this story and I even went out and bought the book almost a year ago. It sat on my library shelf for a few months until I picked it up and attempted to begin. . .sadly, I got easily distracted and it went back on the shelf. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I noticed it again and how happy I am. The history was fantastic! The characters where both enthralling and endearing! The overall story was captivating! I wish it wouldn't have ended!!

The book almost spellbinds the reader in a way that they become so emotionally involved in the tale, that they can't put it down. You'll want to scream with fury at Ragnor's treatment at the beginning of the story. You'll want to feel remorse for all the changes Darkenwald's people will have to endure. You'll get giddy along with Wulfgar's playful bantering about Aislinn's stubbornness. You'll be shocked at all the different ways to betray a person. Its truly an emotional roller-coaster that you'll only be too happy to keeping enjoying.

The story is long, complex, and I think it spans almost two years in time, so be prepared to become immersed during the Norman/Saxon era, circa 1060s. You'll witness not only the lives of slaves within the castles, but also the luxurious royal court of the new King, William the Conqueror, and the harshness of the English countryside as well. Aislinn and many other prominent figures will take on many different rolls throughout The Wolf and the Dove, so never fear, the book doesn't get slow, tedious, or boring at any time due to all the continuous character development. Overall, I'm happy to add this story to one of my favorites and definitely recommend this to all readers who love classic historic romances.

Likes: Kirwick was possibly my favorite character. He had a lot to overcome throughout the tale, but he did it in grace, good humor, and loyalty.

Dislikes: Besides the harsh topics brought up (like rape, senseless murder, etc.) that grabs at your emotions in a negative way, there is really not much to complain about.


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