Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Done & Done

February 18th was the last day for the coffee shop inside the Borders Bookstore on St. Charles Avenue. The long front porch was one of the best places in uptown New Orleans to have a cup of coffee and watch the world go by, along with the occasional streetcar.

March 29th was the last day the store was officially "open", though there was not much merchandise inside except for the bookshelves that were purchased and being picked up by customers.

The bookstore itself was unique for a big chain store - and rumored to be haunted - since it was located in a former funeral home.

Farewell big clearance sale! Good-bye great lunch break escape!

Local uptown book shops will likely benefit from the closure. An estimated third of the nation's Borders sites will be closed since Borders filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The closest Borders not on the chopping block is the Baton Rouge store.

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