Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stardust of Yesterday by Lynn Kurland

Stardust of Yesterday
by Lynn Kurland

Genre: Paranormal Romance / Time-Travel / Fantasy

Genevieve Buchanan inherited a castle – and a ghost to go along with it. But Kendrick de Piaget was no typical ghost. He was a handsome and infuriatingly arrogant thirteenth-century knight. At first he wanted to frighten Genevieve, though she was more charmed than scared by his ghostly tricks. But when his thoughts turned to wooing her instead, Genevieve had to face her greatest fear: falling in love.

Genevieve is content with her San Fransisco lifestyle: great job/reputation, lovely friends/home ... but everything changes when a lawyer comes to town to offer her an unknown inheritance. One would think being offered a castle and a beyond-full bank account as a blessing, but when Genevieve's long-term clients begin walking away and her employees unexpectedly begin to quit - she's finds this new home as a bittersweet surprise and her only escape. Trying to be ecstatic with her new change of life and continue her restoration work abroad, Genevieve is soon caught off guard that her new historical residence comes with a not-so-friendly ghost and that he doesn't want her in the castle at all. Yet, when Genevieve begins to bravely confront her ghostly roommate, Kendrick de Piaget, her feelings begin to change in more ways than she expected and soon her 'knightly' dreams become shockingly realistic.

There were times when I highly enjoyed this book and others when it really really slowed down for me. The protagonists did not really have much depth to them and there was hardly any real character development throughout, but the romance was a nice twist than other similar historical tales. It's an easy/cute ghost read, with a little suspense thrown in - but the overall plot was lacking finesse and didn't really build up enough for the story to finish well - thus the ending was pretty predictable and came more abruptly than I would have liked.

Overall, this is a fun beach read - nothing to heavy or complicated to enjoy while chilling in the sun! :) Romance is there, but nothing too steamy to distract from the story.

Likes: All Kendrick's ghostly friends really add to the tale since their great side-characters.

Dislikes: Genevieve has a very split personality: sometimes perky / sometimes lost or easily distracted - thus, I felt, she was all over the place.


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