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Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon

Drums of Autumn
(Outlander Series Book #4)
by Diana Gabaldon

Genre: Time-Travel | Historic | Romance, etc.

DRUMS OF AUTUMN is the fourth book in the OUTLANDER series, following VOYAGER. Here Claire and Jamie, with Jamie’s nephew Young Ian, seek to find a place for themselves in the colony of North Carolina, treading a dangerous line between Governor Tryon’s patronage and Claire’s knowledge of the brewing revolution in America, between the help of Jamie’s Aunt Jocasta, last of his MacKenzie kin (“MacKenzies are charming as larks in the field–but sly as foxes with it.”) and the unwanted obligations of her slave-run plantation. As they find mountain land and begin to build their first cabin, their newfound life is bittersweet, with the thought Brianna–the daughter Claire has left behind, the daughter Jamie will never see–always near.

Brianna is thinking of her parents, too. And she’s discovered something dangerous in the historical record; a notice of a fatal fire on Fraser’s Ridge. The time-traveler’s ultimate dilemma raises its head once again: can the past be changed? If it can…what’s the price?

Roger MacKenzie has found the same newspaper notice–and after some soul-searching, has decided not to tell Brianna about it, not wanting her to risk her life for what may be impossible. She doesn’t tell him, either–and his first inkling that she’s found that notice is a shipment of boxes from Brianna, containing her family memorabilia and a note reading, “Everybody needs a history. This is mine. Please look after it ’til I come back.”

Roger follows Brianna into the past, where she has gone on a quest to save her parents’ lives, and upon discovering that she has sailed for America, he takes ship himself…with a Captain Bonnet.

How does time-travel work? Who can pass the stones, and how? What are the risks? And what would make those risks worth taking? Only love.

Jamie and Claire are trying to make their life together work, no more traveling to different countries, no more senseless/risky feats, no more dark/deadly lies, just their family and the land. But not everything goes as planned and along with all the hiccups that pioneer life brings, a blessing in disguise happens with even more struggles in tow. Can their bittersweet life on Fraser's Ridge survive the chaos when the past & future collide again?

I was excited about this book, for once the characters aren't spending chunks of their lives on boats, bunking with family members, or hiding out in caves, and the reader gets to focus on them creating not only a lifestyle but a superb setting for years ( this story does cover quite a few ) to come. Lots of everyday duties/chores ( i.e. the redundant everyday routine ) occurs which is fascinating from a historic viewpoint and adds to the realistic feeling to the story and ( Yayy! ) Brianna and Roger get a lot of storyline dedicated to them. A genuine family grouping is created when they all mix, with of course the revelation of some gut-wrenching truths along with life-and-death adventures --- all in classic Gabaldon writing style!

Likes: Brianna and Roger's romance is gloomy but very destined to happen!

Dislikes: A lot of characters this round were acting very impulsively throughout much of the tale, causing much havoc.


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