Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Knight before Christmas by Jackie Ivie

The Knight before Christmas
by Jackie Ivie

Genre : Historical Romance

A Reluctant Husband Caught in a furious blizzard, battle-weary Myles Donal has only two options: die alone in the snow, or make his way home by order of his sire to marry a woman known as the Harridan of the Highlands. The warm glow of light in a small croft will only delay his fate...

A Rebellious Bride Kendran is not about to share her hard-earned shelter with anyone, especially not a man! Running away from an arranged marriage was her only chance at freedom--and she'll not forfeit it to another arrogant male...even one as devilishly attractive as Myles Donal...

A Wedding to Remember Snowbound and equally stubborn, Myles and Kendran engage in a battle of wills that quickly becomes a passion too fiery to ignore. "Wedded bliss" may be an abhorrent concept to both of them, but true love is not so easily denied...

While on his way to wed the "Harridan of the Highlands," Myles Magnus Donal gets lost in a snowstorm. When a silent beauty rescues him, he becomes convinced that she is his betrothed, and he does his seductive best to convince her to marry him by Christmas. When Myles arrives at his fiancee's home, he discovers the woman with whom he has been stranded is not his bride to be, but her sister.

I got this book around Christmas when I was in the historical holiday romance spirit ;) It wasn't too bad of a read, but it did slow down around the end which threw me off. I liked a lot how right off the back it jumped into Myles and Kendran's relationship and focused solely on them. The side character, Lady Sybil, who is Kendran's half-sister and considered a sorceress was interesting as well, plus she added some fun twists to the story. Overall, The Knight before Christmas was enjoyable, but don't expect a great in-depth history packed tale . . . just an easy romance read.

Likes: Myles & Kendran's interactions while holding out the snowstorm in the cabin was cute - like bean tossing, etc.

Dislikes: The beginning of the book began with a bang, but it sizzled out in the end for me. Plus, the cover of the book isn't actually one where I feel comfortable reading in public.


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