Thursday, September 15, 2011

Love in the Time of Dragons by Katie MaCalister

Love in the Time of Dragons
(Light Dragons, Book 1)
by Katie MaCalister

Genre: Paranormal Romance | Dark Fantasy

If you found out you were a famous fire-breather, you’d be freaked out too.

Tully Sullivan is just like any other suburban mom—unless you count the days every year that she zones out and turns base metals in to gold. Those are weird.

And now she’s woken up in a strange place surrounded by strange people who keep insisting they’re dragons—and that she’s one too. But not just any dragon. She’s Ysolde de Bouchier, a famed figure from dragon history.

Tully can’t shape-shift or breathe fire, and she’s definitely not happy being sentenced to death for the misdeeds of a dragon mate she can’t remember. All Tully knows is that she wants her son back. So she’ll have to find a way to solve the crimes of a past she has no memory of living…

Tully wakes up, away from home for over five weeks and within the care of people convinced she's someone she's not, especially someone who is a dragon! She struggles to remember her current life while being bombarded with memories/dreams of a past life and knows her two contrasting worlds could never lead to a good end. Thus, she must face some strange truths while trying to blend her past with her present/future.

I'll just say it . . . I'm not a fan of Katie MaCalister. I think I decided to check this book out since it was new in a series and sounded somewhat intriguing (plus I needed a new audio-book for walks around the park on Sundays), but then I forget how much I thoroughly dislike MaCalister's characters - esp. her female leads! The majority of her characters are way too kooky for my taste (I mean, come on...a dog demon...seriously?) and too oddly comical (not in a good way) without any enjoyable substance. I never really get the humor in the books either, but I did finish this tale hoping it would get better and felt utterly let-down at the end. It was a total 'MEH' read for me. Honestly, I just felt so lost listening to the chapters with the characters silly reactions to certain life-changing events and their NON-reactions to others that it just left my flabbergasted overall. Also, I had no emotional connection/bond with anyone pivotal figure in the story since the two protagonists were my least favorite people/dragon/whatever and many of the side-characters were just too irritating & peculiar (ex: son obsessed with mummification), so here's hoping more of you enjoy this book than I did.

Likes: I had high hopes that the whole concept of 'mate forgets mate, mate meets mate again' would be more substantial and momentous in a book, but this story was just so mellow about it that it felt so unexceptional and shall I say it . . . 'blah'.

Dislikes: Could Tully be more of an dull lead? She came off a so naive that I was truly shocked by many of her mannerisms and scatterbrained actions.


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