Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love Struck by Melissa Marr

Love Struck
by Melissa Marr

Genre: Short-Story | Young Adult | Paranormal Romance

Alana knows the legends of selchies, the sea-fey who leave their seal-like pelts behind when they walk on land, passing for humans. But she never imagined she would meet one—let alone two—on the night of an otherwise forgettable beach party.

The selchie Murrin, though, has long imagined actually meeting Alana, the girl he has chosen over the sea. He never expected that the meeting would be so complicated, or that an old rivalry would make winning Alana's trust—and love—so difficult.

Alana is a head-strong girl who knows what she wants in a relationship and she especially knows she doesn't wish to turn out like her mother. Thus she sets up stick rules when dating (ex. no 'eye-candy', six month limit, no visits to the bedroom, etc.) When she meets a selchie (selkie?) on the beach one night, she is enchanted into taking his pelt but has major remorse when he comes to find her shortly thereafter. Can a relationship truly bloom when there's so much against it?

This was an okay read. It's a quickie, but an enjoyable folkloric tale that mostly focuses on the beginnings of a relationship. Murrin comes off as quite sincere and very grounded in his beliefs that a bond (ie. marriage in his eyes) could really work between himself and Alana. On the flip side, Alana is freaking out. From the beginning she feels trapped by his affections and is constantly looking for a way to sever their union. It takes her awhile to become accustomed to their friendship, but when she does finally accept what is between them, trouble a brews, and their bond is emotionally shattered. The end is sweet though and poignant for them both.

Likes: Alana is stubborn but very realistic as well. She's a great lead due to her maturity and knows what her future has planned for her (more school before marriage) and that's a hard thing to find in many YA stories where the romance seems to overshadow everything else.

Dislikes: I'm not a fan of short stories or anthologies (too short!), but the subject matter caught my attention and I just had to check out this story. Plus, I would have liked to learn more about how Murrin came to the decision that Alana was the one for him before coming to shore.


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