Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blood Eternal by Marie Treanor

(Awakened by Blood, Book #3)
Genre: Paranormal Romance | Fantasy | Historic

Secrets don't disappear after seduction ... Elizabeth Silk is struggling to reconcile her passion for the vampire overlord Saloman and her allegiance to the vampire hunters.  When a shocking vampire revolt calls Saloman away from her, she refuses to follow him.  To make matters worse, Saloman's beloved cousin Luk has been found and awakened by one of his greatest enemies.  Frenzied with blood-lust, Luk embarks on a killing spree and prepares to expose Saloman's biggest vulnerability: Elizabeth.  But under Saloman's regime, vampires have become less concerned with secrecy, no longer will to hid their power.  Rumors are swirling about attacked on humans.  After Saloman joins forces with the vampire hunters to consolidate his power, Elizabeth begins to understand her role in the inevitable collision of the two worlds.  She could bring resolution between vampires and humans -- if she can manage to say alive long enough to play both sides... 


Eye-opening revelations about Saloman becomes unearthed when video of him saving a village from an earthquake goes viral online.  Now, Elizabeth must fave some unlikely truths about him while deciding her future allegiances to the under-ground Hunter society and her university teaching obligations after gaining her PhD.  however, when a former enemy creates and even more sinister chaos for the vampire civilization by unexpectedly awakening an ancient older than Saloman, all hell is let loose and Elizabeth struggles to get both long-standing enemies (i.e. hunters and vampires) to work together in taking down this powerful creature before he can create his fatal empire.  As bittersweet as it is to release/destroy his vampire cousin (again!) from insanity, Saloman must also face some emotional truths about Elizabeth, such as where their future together lies and if there is any room in his heart for true love after his turbulent history.  Thus, can Saloman and Elizabeth compromise with their feelings/goals for a better future or will someone from their past finally succeed in destroying them both?

This was a satisfying conclusion (with an ending twist that was surprising and/or some-what inane!?!) to the Awakened by Blood series (trilogy?) Both Saloman and Elizabeth dug deep into their emotions throughout much of this story and were very open about their desires/dreams with each other and that left the reader on the edge in regards to just where their future relationship together would lead.  For me, it felt like this book became a lot more serious about exclusively concentrating on Saloman and Elizabeth, which was refreshing since the last two books in the series really had them circling each other with no finial ending to their on-again/off-again liaison.  We still get a lot of side-character interactions going on and different POVs thrown in, especially with the new baddie, Luk, being brought into the story.  Expect impressive battle scenes, poignant surprises, and lots of witty telepathic conversations, but overall, expect an enjoyable read that leaves an opening for Saloman and Elizabeth's future story to pop-up within Marie Reanor's NEW Blood Hunter's series - Book # 1, Blood Guilt, coming early June 2012.

Likes: No matter how much she was persuaded, Elizabeth never gave up on both the Hunters and Saloman.  Since she fought for/with both till the very end, she remained an unwaveringly faithful protagonist that was easy to like and cheer for, as a reader. 

Dislikes: The relationship between Luk and Saloman feel somewhat flat.  I was hoping/expecting a more detailed/elaborated back-story or, at  least, a more thorough up-to-date tale about their current connection in the modern work which would have made their bond (and eventual fate) even more sorrowful and unfortunate.  

Chapter One/Paragraph One: "When the earth moved, the vampire Saloman felt a surge of exquisite pleasure almost akin to sexual release.  The tension in him snapped, broken by the rush of rare, intoxicating fear."

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