Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blood Sin by Marie Treanor

(Awakened by Blood, Book #2)
Genre: Paranormal Romance | Fantasy | Historic

Even if you walk in the light, you can dwell in the dark.  Months after her dangerous encounter with vampire overlord Salaman, Scottish academic Elizabeth Silk is still trying to cope with both the demands of her ancestral bloodline -- which marks her as a vampire hunter -- and the overpowering desire she feels for the immortal she brought back from the grave.  But she is not alone is her fascination with Saloman.  When Elizabeth tracks down a distant cousin from America, she learns he possesses an antique sword that has caused the interest of the Grand Master of the American hunters. It is the ancient and mystical sword of Saloman -- a treasure of vast occult powers and a price beyond measure to both vampires and humans.  Now the race is one on for possession of the sword.  Even as her enemies and allies shift their allegiances and battle for supremacy, Elizabeth must decide which will rule her own perilous fate: unwanted loyalty or unholy love.


Having thought that her disastrous blunder with being "The Awakener" was over, Elizabeth continues to be consumed daily by emotional feelings and haunted nightly by erotic dreams of her last visit with Solaman, the ancient vampire currently let loose and gaining tremendous power in the modern world. Trying to distract herself from wicked wayward thoughts, Elizabeth joins the under-ground Hunter society to uncover any modern living descendants that share the same blood heritage as herself, in hopes of equally saving them from Solaman's slaying and preventing Solaman from gaining any more strength. Yet, when one of the descendants ends up being a famous American actor, who happens to be in Scotland shooting a movie and has a strange connection to Solaman's long-lost sword, Elizabeth considers herself fortunate for once ... until her path crosses with Adam Simon. Now, it appears that the tables have turned and the most dangerous figure of all is someone human with dark desires to join Solaman's mission. Can Elizabeth convince Solaman to rejoin forces without throwing her own life back into jeopardy and save the world from an even darker/more powerful immortal creation? 

Things just get juicer and juicer for Elizabeth and Solaman.  As much as they push each other away physically, they are oddly drawn back together emotionally due to uncontrollable forces - which makes this a fascinatingly spontaneous romantic read.  Their relationship is quite electrically charged and any unexpected interactions between the two really add sparks to the overall story.  The new character additions (i.e. Senator Dante Greyson and American actor/cousin Josh Alexander) really added another level of intrigue to Elizabeth's muddled world.  Lots of Scenery changes compares to Book #1 as well, so, on the whole, be prepared for plenty of passionate adventures, unbelievable vampire/historical myths, and a wild treasure hunt.  Bring on Book #3 - Blood Eternal !!

Likes: The "Adam Simon" party interactions were brilliant and I thoroughly enjoy them.

Dislikes: Elizabeth's close friendship with Mihaela comes off as forced to me and, in my opinion, was created for the sole purpose that Elizabeth could have a close character as the voice of reason throughout much of the Awakened by Blood series. 

Chapter One/Paragraph One: "The vampire Saloman had not killed in two weeks.  As Luiz Salgado-Rodriquez wandered toward him like a wraith among the shadows, hunger surged and Saloman anticipated the exquisite rush that came from a powerful kill."

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