Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Reads { #5 }

Copy & Paste

As book bloggers, we are always reviewing a current book or posting about an upcoming series, but I am interested to see what books we hold on to for our personal/permanent library.  So, be spontaneous and randomly choose a book from your bookshelf...answer the questions below and share your random selection with fellow bloggers.

    1. Have you read this book before?  HA! Honestly, this book was a surprise to me on my shelf.  I think I read this years and years ago (perhaps it was given to me by a friend or it something I picked up quickly at a bookstore?!?), but since I am not a fan of the "angel" theme....I know I haven't noticed this book recently! 
    2. Can you do a one sentence summary?  Mortal enemies (Half-Demon vs. Demon Fighter) learn to fight together again an evil that could destroy them both.
    3. Do you like the cover?  Really -- it is what one would expect from any Angel/Demon (i.e. white wings/black corset) paranormal read...bare chest and all!
    4. What is the first full sentence on page 100?  "The rain had not let up." 
    5. Share something about the author.  Meljean Book was an accountant before becoming an author.

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