Monday, July 30, 2012

Random Reads { #6 }

Copy & Paste

As book bloggers, we are always reviewing a current book or posting about an upcoming series, but I am interested to see what books we hold on to for our personal/permanent library.  So, be spontaneous and randomly choose a book from your bookshelf...answer the questions below and share your random selection with fellow bloggers.

    1. How did you get this book?  I visually remember picking this book up at one of those small beach-side bookstores in Phuket, Thailand while on Christmas vacation there in 2005. I even have a little 200 Thai Baht price sticker still on the cover!
    2. Can you do a one sentence summary?  Elizabeth is unhappy with her current marriage and slyly slips her husband a secret ingredient to rekindle the romance...but sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.
    3. Do you like the cover? It's cute and simple. Love the stripped green! How do you turn a prince into a toad? Marry him! Ha.
    4. What is the first full sentence on page 100? "I was thrilled for Clover, naturally."
    5. Share something about the author. In 2002, The Secret Ingredient was published and, like its predecessors, was snapped up for a feature film: Jane Heller was hired by Atmosphere Productions to write the screenplay adaptation.

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