Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Dangerous Protector by Janet Chapman

The Dangerous Protector
(Puffin Harbor Book #2)
by Janet Chapman

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Willow Foster is committed to protecting Maine's precious coastline. She's equally committed to avoiding her one-time fling, Duncan Ross, the rugged Scotsman who's got her hometown believing she's the love of his life. But when Willow goes home to uncover the mystery behind a worrisome lobster catch, she learns that pub owner Duncan holds some mysteries of his own...and that taking a chance with her heart might open her life up to passion beyond her wildest dreams.

When a lobster-man, Ray Cobb, alerts Maine Assistant Attorney General Willow Foster to the presence of contaminants and dead lobsters in Puffin Harbor, she begins a personal and secret investigation. She's unofficially assisted by bar owner and former Navy-man Duncan Ross, whose offers of both marriage and passion she's been resisting since a one-night stand 18 months earlier. As the two explore both the corporate paper trail and the local seascape, Duncan reveals that he's actually a Scottish lord, while Willow is forced to grapple with her fear of commitment.

Occasionally I like to mix it up and read a nice historical romance or some hot contemporary story.  This was definitely a likable read, plus it's been sitting on my library shelf for years (yes, years!) unread.   Right off the back, Duncan (aka Dunky) and Willow (aka Counselor) steamed up the pages with their chemistry.  Duncan's made it clear his ready to take the next step while Willow is hesitant and basically goes the opposite directions every time a serious relationship talk comes up.  They blend together so well from the beginning that it's hard not to enjoy them as a couple.  Duncan moved to Maine from Scotland and opened a bar two years previously, while Willow is a local AG and works on cases non-stop unless she's visiting her sister, Rachel, in Puffin Harbor.  Whenever Ducan and Willow see each other, they bicker, they flirt, they secretly share kisses and more . . . and now the whole town is placing bets on their wedding even though neither are officially together.  Too fun!  This was a quick read for me, maybe since it was a nice change from my normal reading style, and the mystery part to the story flowed smoothly throughout.  Didn't feel rushed or bada-bing-bada-bang (abruptly finished) at the end, like some stories can be.  Nothing Paranormal.  Nothing Supernatural.  Nothing Fantasy related.  Just an easy HOT read . . . just what I wanted!

Likes:  I enjoyed the town's betting pool for when --or rather if the wedding between Duncan and Willow will take place and having the various citizens of the Harbor admit who (and how much) they bet on.

Dislikes:  There are definitely a lot of characters going on throughout the story and perhaps if I would have read Book #1 (The Seductive Impostor) first, I wouldn't have been confused trying to remember who was who.


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