Sunday, July 24, 2011

It Happend One Bite by Lydia Dare

It Happened One Bite
by Lydia Dare

Genre: Paranormal Romance | Historic

He's lost, trapped, doomed for all eternity...

Rich, titled, and undead, gentleman vampyre James Maitland, Lord Kettering, fears himself doomed to a cold and lonely existence-trapped for decades in an abandoned castle. Then, beautiful Scottish witch Blaire Lindsay arrives, and things begin to heat up considerably...

Unless he can persuade her to set him free...

Feisty Blaire Lindsay laughs off the local gossip surrounding her mother's ancestral home-stories of haunting cannot scare off this battle-born witch. But when she discovers the handsome prisoner in the bowels of the castle, Blaire has no idea that she has unleashed anything more than a man who sets her heart on fire...

With a mouth like a sailor and a stubborn personality as well, Blaire's brother Aiden doesn't think she'll be able to grab a husband unless she becomes more of a 'lady'. Upon accompanying her brothers to a newly inherited Scotland castle and temporarily leaving her witch coven behind, Blaire discovers some hidden secrets that changes her perceptive on her Mother's past and love. Spooky castles, dark vampires, and historical flashbacks makes Dare's new book a real treat.

It Happened One Bite was a refreshing read since Dare's characters are oddly realistic and yet charmingly headstrong. Since her characters are easy to like, the reader can quickly become absorbed in the mystery, adventure, and romance going on between Blaire and James. Lots of enjoyable side characters enhance the stories depth and the love scenes are just the right amount of steam/heat without overdoing it. For me, James may not be the most dashing male lead out of Dare's supernatural series, but he does have his charms and is very jovial. Blaire begins the story with a bang since she's very out-going and isn't afraid to speak her mind. No matter how much her brother's reprimand her for her daring behavior, it's very apparent they depend on her a lot; but near the end of the book, Blaire's fire-cracker personality fizzles down somewhat, which was nice since she can come off as a little too-much at times. All in all, this was a fun read and I cannot wait to check out In the Heat of the Bite next, followed by Never Been Bit in September.

Likes: The younger brother Brannock wasn't really needed to complete the tale, but his personality added some comical entertainment.

Dislikes: The big bad villains in the story were kind of wimps overall.


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