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One Magic Moment by Lynn Kurland

One Magic Moment
(de Piaget Family Series, Book #16)
by Lynn Kurland

Genre: Paranormal Romance | Time-Travel | Historic

There’s no time like the present . . .
if you’re running away from the past.

Tess Alexander has it all: family within reach, work she loves, and the chance to live in a perfectly restored medieval castle. But then a trip to the village brings her face-to-face with the new owner of the local garage, who looks a great deal like the man who married her sister . . . eight hundred years in the past. She’s determined to remain objective about magic and destiny, yet she can’t help but wonder about the mysterious, sword-wielding mechanic . . .

As far as John de Piaget is concerned, he has no past; it’s safer that way. The last thing he needs is the nosy medieval studies scholar from the nearby castle dredging up ancient history—his ancient history. But from the moment he lays eyes on Tess, John can’t help but wonder how he ever took a decent breath without her . . . or how he’s going to protect her from the treachery that threatens both their futures.

Eight years after stepping through one of his brother's "secret" portals, John continues to keep as much of his life hidden as possible . . . even when he starts falling for a 'future' girl, Tess. There is an instant attraction between the two so strong that they easily admit their time together is a mistake and as both continue to fight those romantic sparks with rude manners and crude actions, they eventually slip into a daily routine of contacting each other more and more. Yet, when one too many death threats to Tess's life becomes too much for John's stubborn manliness, both find themselves flung back into the past and a home/family John hasn't know for many years. Can time really be the divide that separates two people truly meant for each other or will some unfortunate accident take Tess away forever?

Mystery, romance, close famly ties, time-travel, etc . . . lots going on in this new book in Kurland's
de Piaget Series and even though the author is a little (ok, a lot!) light on the heavy petting/ deep panting/aka sex scenes that really spice up a story, she created a captivating, yet chaste, tale that kept me entertained throughout. I easily got sucked into One Magic Moment (and it even kept humming that darn Ben E. King & the Drifters song for DAYS!) since the overall plot mainly focused on Tess & John with little side-character interaction. It was nice to see both little by little drop some of their guards around each other and slowly (they don't even kiss on the lips until page 282!!!) fall in love.

It was also a very emotional read, since John (and even Tess) had some great reunions with their family as well as some tearful good-byes. The companionship between the brothers was endearing to read about and their interactions were brilliantly funny. The mystery side of the story was kind of all over the place and came abruptly to a conclusion near the end that it really interfered with my reading enjoyment for the last couple of chapters, but overall it's a fun tale that jumbles the future with the past in more ways than one. It's fascinating to read about the characters adjustment to both time periods, thus it's a great summer book for true romance and historical fun.

Likes: The older brother Nicholas really stood out as a great side character that I was almost sad when his part was finished in the book.

Dislikes: Some words become redundantly annoying, ie. Tess worrying about "forever" and John's constant mentioning of having to "woo" Tess properly . . . it seemed like ever page had them either thinking or mentioning one of the other. Move on!!


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