Friday, June 8, 2012

Fetching Friday { #1 }


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Is there a charming/attractive/engaging character in your current book?

What's this about?
They're witty, they're captivating, and they make your story so much more why not share your delectable character(s) with the rest of us on this Fetching Friday

Currently Reading:
 'The Winter Sea' by Susanna Kearsley

Two Charming Characters: 
John Moray and Graham Keith
 (who are really one in the same, but I won't reveal more than that since I don't wish to spoil the story)
  • Moray is equally intimidating and engaging.  He's has a bounty on his head, but is not on the run.  Cares a lot about his family, but he is not close with them due to certain circumstances.  He's witty, direct and a true romantic adventure.
  • Graham could have been a professional rugby player, but ended up being a History professor instead.  The color of his eyes gave the book it's title and he's very close with his father.  Beside his obvious smarts, he is quiet, considerate and the older of two brothers.

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