Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random Reads { #4 }

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As book bloggers, we are always reviewing a current book or posting about an upcoming series, but I am interested to see what books we hold on to for our personal/permanent library.  So, be spontaneous and randomly choose a book from your bookshelf...answer the questions below and share your random selection with fellow bloggers.

    1. Have you read this book before?
     Yes, about 5+ years ago when I was in my big Pride and Prejudice reading phase. Plus, considering that his book was compared to a mish-mash between P&P and Bridget Jones Diary...I was quick to pick it up!
2. Can you do a one sentence summary?
     A headstrong heiress considers herself to be knowledgeable about Regency men, until she meets one who both confuses her and happens to be no one she'd want in her life...or is he?
3. Do you like the cover?
     Very much! The cover is of the o/c "In Love" painting by Marcus Stone.  Very fitting for a historical romance of that time period.
4. What is the first full sentence on page 100?
     "Oh, pray do the honors."
5. Share something about the author.
     Janet Mullany has worked as an archaeologist, classical music radio announcer, arts administrator ( THIS IS WHAT I DO! ), and for a small press.

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